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Updated: Dec 12, 2020

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to track your victim's location from anywhere. In this blog post, we’ll share the ways to track anyone by What's App, Telegram, Google Drive, and Lineone link with Kali Linux - NGROK.

The First Step To install and setup Ngrok, follow the given steps below:

Open your browser and Google search “ngrok download” or you can also visit the link given below, which is the link to the official site.

Official link:

Make your account on ngrok portal to get Auth Token. This will be required while using it.

Screenshot of my Screen

After successfully making an account, on top find and Click on the option “Download for Linux”. The file will get downloaded in the Downloads folder by default.

Go to the Downloads folder and unzip the folder. I’ve unzipped it on my Desktop. To extract, double click on the zip folder, and click on the Extract option located at the top-left corner.

Now, open the terminal there or go to the folder where you have extracted the Ngrok file. (In my case its on Desktop)

Now execute the command given below.

./ngrok authtoken YOUR AUTHTOKEN

You are all done and ready to fire-up the Ngrok tool.

To start the Ngrok tool, Execute the command given below. (Make sure you are inside the folder where you have extracted)

./ngrok http 4242

Now the Ngrok tool will get started and you can access it by your browser. Simply, open your browser and you can find it running on your localhost, accessible on port 4040 by default.

Access Link: (Make sure its the same at your end when you start Ngrok)

To read the help manual or look at the options available, simply execute the command given below.

./ngrok -help

First, we need to clone this tool from it's Github repository using the following command:

git clone

The screenshot of the command is the following :

After cloning finished we need to go into the seeker's directory, to do that and to see the files we use the cd command and ls command so we apply both commands together: cd seeker && ls

The screenshot is following:

Here we can see the files. First, we need to run the This tool also can be run from mobile devices using the Termux app. Termux is a terminal emulator with an extensive Linux package collection. If we use a mobile device and using the Termux application then we choose the installer file.

So, the command for our Kali Linux system will be the following:

sudo bash

This will install all requirements to run seeker. The screenshot is following:

To run this tool we must need to have python3 in our system. Python3 comes preinstalled with Kali Linux but if our system doesn't have Python3 then please install it.


The screenshot is following:

Here we can see that serveo server (an ssh port forwarding service) is offline so the tool is closed so we manually start the tool on our localhost and forward our localhost to another ssh port forwarding service.

To start the Seeker tool manually we run the following command:

python3 -t manual

The screenshot is following:

Now, we get multiple options. The first option is NearYou and the second one is GoogleDrive. We also can create a Telegram and Whatsapp group invite. First, we create a WhatsApp Method then we will look at the Whatsapp method.

Whatsapp Group Invite Method

For the Whatsapp method, we need to choose option 2. After this, we need to choose the group title and we need to give an image. The image should be relatable to the group's title. We can use any image file but 300x300 images will look better. We have to give our image path or we can drag and drop our image in the terminal to auto-fill the path of our image.

Then our localhost server will be started as we can see in the following screenshot:

Getting the Location

Whenever the target clicks on the attacker's shared link and tries any activity this asks for location permission. If the victim clicks "Allow" we got the victim's location.

We got target's device details and location

Now we just copy the Whatsapp group invitation link and send it to the victim. We shouldn't worry because this will be a fake webpage exactly like a Whatsapp group invitation. The victim will try to connect and we got the location and device info. The victim always gets a group full notification.

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